The mission of the association is to promote market development goals and government affairs goals for the benefit of Arkansas rice growers. The Arkansas Rice Growers Association is an organization of rice growers, for rice growers, run by rice growers.

Steps To Resolve Grain Company Failures

  1. Change the contract between Farmer and First Buyer by Statute:
    1. Grain remains the farmer’s property until he is paid in full for his crop.
      • Grain does not show up on a grain company’s balance sheet until farmer is paid in full
    2. Weight tickets be required to have minimum information:
      1. Buyer and Seller name and address
      2. Delivery location
      3. Time and Date
      4. Complete sample quality data
      5. Trailer license number
    3. Farmer should be paid completely for his grain within 10 days after the performance of his part of the contract.
  2. All Grain Buyers should be Licensed and Bonded with over site by the Ark Dept of Agriculture.
  3. Fully fund the Ark Dept of Agriculture:
    1. Moving the Grain Check-Off Funds into the Ark Dept of Agriculture (where they should have been from the beginning) would fund the Ark Ag Dept without any additional funding.
  4. Create an Ark. Indemnity Fund administered by the Ark Dept of Ag and funded by money from the Check-Off Funds.
  5. Ark Dept of Ag will oversee the License and Bonding of Grain Companies.
    1. Administer Licenses.
      1. Spot Checks
      2. Check weight tickets
      3. Check inventory
      4. Check Farmer payment
        1. Any payment not made by 10 days will trigger an inspection
        2. Violations are self-reported and incur a daily fine
        3. Violations not self-reported incur a daily fine 10X
          • Farmers may report violations
  6. The practice of trading or “Swapping” unpriced grain needs to end.
    1. Grain may not move from one-grain facility to that of another owner without a contract for sale with a price.
      1. Where the rice is stored and not sold to a third party.
      2. Where the grain is used for logistical advantage and is replaced immediately.